Friday, October 29, 2021

Air Purification System

Are you looking for HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ? Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed & Insured HVAC Air Purification Installers that provides HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ with great customer care.

Air Purification System

Do you know that the air you breathe in your living area is averagely more polluted than normal? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveals that inside air quality is usually two to five times more infected than outdoor air. In Some cases, it can even be up to 100 times dirtier.

Every day, particles like allergens, bacteria, dust, and mold build up in your home’s ventilation system and tax your immune system, making it difficult to breathe. While the traditional air filters purifiers the air to a reasonable standard, they do not catch, trap or kill these microbes. Their design limits them to protecting the heating system and air conditioner from damaging amounts of dust particles.

Make your living space safe to live as you get rid of up to 99.7% of these dangerous particles by hiring expert air purification installers today. With these skilled technicians, you’ll smell and feel the difference in the air when you breathe.

Breathe Healthy with Licensed Air Purification Installers

If you're looking for an HVAC air purification system for your home, Blue Ray HVAC is one of the best-licensed air purification installers that provides you with superior quality HVAC unit to help keep the air free of contaminants.

With their REMA HALO HVAC unit designed by RGF, breathe clean air like never before. The REMA HALO HVAC unit contains large concentrations of Ionized Hydro-peroxide output, easily kill the microbial in the air and on the surface. This newly improved air purification technology eliminates bad odors, reduces the risk of bacteria, viruses and keeping smoke away from your home.

Why Hire Air Purification Experts?

·         Enjoy Free Indoor Air Quality Assessment.

Most times, you never can tell when dust and dirt build-up in your home only to affect the air quality. Hiring a technician would mean assessing the entire duct and ventilation system. With the right skilled technicians, you get to know the quantity of your home’s air while finding out the range of harmful air particles in your home. Likewise, your air ducts will go through a cleaning process that will successfully remove close to 95% of built-up dust and dirt particles in your home.

·         Keep Your Air Clean for Good

If you live in an environment filled with dust particles, there are more chances of bacteria, viruses, and even smells hoarding in your home. Installing an air purification system will safely and permanently rid your house of these contaminates without compromising your health. How? They are installed directly into the duct system and trap up to 99% of microbes that accumulate in the air. With this process, you never have to clean the air ducts again. 

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Blue Ray HVAC – Your trusted source for HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Air Purification System

Are you looking for HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ? Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed & Insured HVAC Air Purification Installers that provides HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ with great customer care.

Air Purification System

Notice an excess amount of chemicals and odors in your home? Then, your indoor air quality might just be compromised. Airborne impurities target the immune system to leave you sick. The good news is that electrical-powered devices like air purification systems eliminate even the smallest of air pollutants to improve the air quality of your living area.

An Air Purifier? Why?

Ever tried living in a house filled with smoke? Well, no one would consider doing so as breathing in smoke can cause alarming health hazards, especially for people with asthma, severe allergies, and respiratory conditions. While air quality isn’t a buzzword today, it is a treatment program that is vital in achieving healthy living. This is why the air purification system is a must-have for every residential and commercial property owner.

With air purifiers, breathe in cleaner and healthier air all day long. This unit works to neutralize awful odors in the air while eliminating dangerous air contaminants like:

·         Cooking smells

·         Tobacco smoke

·         Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

·         Plant spores

·         Dust mites

·         Pollen

·         Toxins

·         Fungi

·         Pet hair

·         Aerosols

·         Pesticides

·         Viruses

·         Mold

·         Mildew

With the different types of home purifiers from the whole house air cleansers like the media air cleaner (also known as traditional air purifiers) and UV air purifiers, to portable air purifiers like the ionizers, keep your indoor air quality at its peak.

How Do Air Purifiers Improve Air Quality?

Almost all types of air purifiers employ various means to keep indoor air quality at its peak. However, the most common method is using electricity to form a halo inside the ductwork that allows air to pass through it. This method works best to target tiny impurities that effectively getaway through the mechanical air filter in the HVAC system. When induced, the electrically-powered field will eliminate dangerous air contaminants through an ionization process (a rather alarming situation for large pollutants in the air), which will make them lose or gain electrons.

Choosing the Best Air Purifier for Your Residential and Commercial Buildings

With various air purifier models available in the industry today, choosing the best air-cleaning unit to suit your home can be difficult. In most cases, you may have to hire the right expertise and skilled technicians to help you select the ideal air purification system for your home. Why? This electrical-powered system can be a huge investment, and you don't want to waste finances getting an air cleaner that doesn't work effectively. Apart from this, experienced professionals integrate the air purification system into your cooling unit to help you get a cleaner and healthy air quality. 

For more information on HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ, contact Blue Ray HVAC at 973-925-5556.

Blue Ray HVAC – Your trusted source for HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Local HVAC Service

Are you looking for HVAC Service in North NJ? Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed & Insured HVAC company that provides professional HVAC Service in North NJ with vast experience and great customer care.

Local HVAC Service

HVAC system plays a crucial role in every residential and commercial building; keeping a comfortable and livable temperature within your property. However, when your heating and cooling system breaks down, covering the cost of repairs and installation can be pretty frustrating, as most companies charge an exorbitant amount on the cost of repairs. But, did you know that with local HVAC services near you, you easily take away the burden of expensive installation, maintenance, and air conditioning repairs?

With a professional local HVAC team, enjoy reliable repair, replacement, and installation services any day, anytime for your residential and commercial buildings. Own a residential or commercial property? Keep yourself and customers comfortable all at long with reliable HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installation solutions.

Local HVAC Repair and Installation Solutions for You!

Local HVAC contractors provide the following services for residents and commercial business owners within their locality:

·         Heating repairs and replacement

·         Cooling repairs and installation

·         Air purification

·         Ac Maintenance

·         Air Conditioning Repair

·         Air Conditioning Installation and replacement

·         Furnace Tune-Up

·         Furnace Installation

·         Furnace Replacement

·         Furnace Maintenance

Are you considering repair, replacement, or installation services for your residential and commercial buildings? Then, hiring a local HVAC team of experienced technicians will get the job done accurately and in due time.

Why Hire Local HVAC Services?

While the DIY route or hiring a big-name contractor may seem an appealing option for your HVAC units, getting local professional HVAC services near you has more benefits as your service provider. Don't think so? Here are some benefits you enjoy from hiring a local HVAC company.

·         With local heating and AC repair team near you, you stand the chance of having more personalized services for your residential and commercial buildings.

·         A local HVAC repair and maintenance team is more likely to respond quickly to your call than big-name companies outside your locality. What then does this mean? You won’t have to go without your air conditioning or heating system for long.

·         Hiring a local HVAC maintenance company will mean you understand how they operate. Hence, you are at an advantage as you build trust and a long-term relationship with your service provider. This would come in handy, especially when you need emergency services for your heating and cooling units.

·         Unlike big companies with a long line of clients demanding their attention for various needs, dealing with a local HVAC team near you would offer you better chances of exceptional and qualitative customer services.

·         A local maintenance team will also offer you affordable estimates on repairs and maintenance solutions for your heating and cooling systems. 

For more information on HVAC Service in North NJ, contact Blue Ray HVAC at 973-925-5556.

Blue Ray HVAC – Your trusted source for HVAC Service in North NJ. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

AC Service Essex County

Are you looking for Air Conditioning Service in Essex County, NJ? Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed & Insured air conditioning company that provides Local Air Conditioning Service in Essex County, NJ with vast experience and great customer care.

AC Service Essex County

The air quality of your home will determine how comfortable and relaxing your living space will be. But to attain good airflow, your air conditioner will need to stay functional and supply worry-free cooling services for years. To achieve this, you want to ensure that your AC is properly cared for throughout all season. But even with regular servicing, your HVAC unit will eventually need updating after years of use as every other home appliance. This is why when it comes to keeping your home cool, there’s a lot to consider when determining the type of AC servicing you may need in Essex county. Some AC services factors on:

·        Age

Did you know that air conditioners last between fifteen to twenty years? If your AC is up to fifteen years, this means you want to get a new HVAC system installed. Getting a new air conditioner in time before the older one wears out will reduce the stress of repairs and hasty installation.

·        Dependability

Ask yourself, does your AC cool well in the hot summer? If your AC is not up to fifteen years but regularly malfunctions and cannot keep your home cool even on the toastiest days, then you may want to get a replacement or air conditioning repairs.

·        Energy Saving

Every cooling system consumes electricity differently to produce cool air. An air conditioner produced in 2006 may expend electricity more with time. However, the newly advanced HVAC models are designed to be energy-saving, although they may cost twice as much as the old models. If your cooling system was installed more than 15 years ago, you want to get a new replacement to ensure energy efficiency.

·        Comfort

Another factor to consider is your comfort level. Do you often change the temperature to keep your environment cool when the AC system is on? Older air conditioners lack one essential component, “variable-speed," which keeps your environment chilled at all times due to lower efficiency as they work at multiple speeds. You want to get an HVAC replacement if you have an older cooling system.

·        Noise

While many owners do not treat noise from their HVAC unit as essential, you want to know that noise from your AC can denote a faulty system. Your cooling system should keep you comfortably relaxed with good air quality, not noise. If you constantly hear sounds from your air conditioner, you want to get a variable-speed cooling unit.

Our AC Services in Essex County

·         American Standard air conditioning repair,

·         Trane air conditioning repair,

·         Carrier air conditioning repair,

·         Rheem air conditioning repair,

·         Lennox air conditioning repair,

·         Goodman air conditioning repair,

·         Amana air conditioning repair,

·         York air conditioning repair,

·         Ruud air conditioning repair and

·         LuxAir air conditioning repair.

For more information on Air Conditioning Service in Essex County, NJ, contact Blue Ray HVAC at 973-925-5556.

Blue Ray HVAC – Your trusted source for Air Conditioning Service in Essex County, NJ. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

AC Repair Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for Air Conditioning Service in Bergen County, NJ? Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed & Insured air conditioning company that provides Local Air Conditioning Service in Bergen County, NJ with vast experience and great customer care.

AC Repair Bergen County

A good cooling system will depend on the build of the product, installation quality, regular maintenance, and quality workmanship on repairs. Why? The air conditioning system regulates the humidity, helps maintain the right temperature all seasons, and also keeps a good airflow in your residential or commercial building. However, many homeowners too often neglect this essential part of their home's comfort, the heating and cooling units.

Your HVAC units are perhaps one of the most important elements to help sustain a livable climate within your home throughout the extreme summer and winter season, regardless of the external atmosphere. For this reason, a place like Bergen County with high temperature and the humidity level will require regular maintenance such as repairs are essential to keep these units fully functional.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Want to get rid of your current heating and cooling systems? Let us provide you with that skilled workmanship on your AC repairs and maintenance in Bergen County.

An interesting benefit of AC repairs is that you avoid constant breakdown and expensive repairs of your cooling systems. How? The simple answer is hinged on superior products and outstanding technical workmanship. With our skilled technicians, you can rest easy knowing that your HVAC unit will always meet your expectations each season.

·         Comfort at its peak

·         Reduced energy cost

·         HVAC systems maintain a longer shelf life

·         Keeps the air clean

·         Lower risk of costly repairs

Your home may be the most easily accessible relaxing space. Care to keep the air quality in your j=home at its peak and maximize comfort? Don’t delay proper maintenance procedures for this essential piece of your home.

Enjoy Air Conditioning Repair Services Like;

ü  American Standard air conditioning repair

ü  Trane air conditioning repair

ü  Carrier air conditioning repair

ü  Rheem air conditioning repair

ü  Lennox air conditioning repair

ü  Goodman air conditioning repair

ü  Amana air conditioning repair

ü  York air conditioning repair

ü  Ruud air conditioning repair

ü  LuxAir air conditioning repair

ü  New cooling system installation

ü  Advanced and more efficient HVAC system models

ü  High-quality repairs and maintenance of existing HVAC units to make them fully functional and give them a longer shelf life.

Your heater and AC unit may seem functional from the exterior. But, neglecting for long without proper maintenance may create a problem you never thought might arise. Over the years, our team of skilled technicians in Bergen County has serviced more HVAC units than we can count. What this means is that we have the experience and expertise to locate potential issues before they create costly repairs for you.  Get the expert repair services you need today to keep your heating and cooling systems long-lasting. 

For more information on Air Conditioning Service in Bergen County, NJ, contact Blue Ray HVAC at 973-925-5556.

Blue Ray HVAC – Your trusted source for Air Conditioning Service in Bergen County, NJ.

Friday, July 23, 2021

HVAC Air Purification NJ

Are you looking for HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ? Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed & Insured HVAC Air Purification Installers that provides HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ with great customer care. 

HVAC Air Purifier NJ

When people talk about air pollution, it is often done concerning the air coming from outside. This is not always totally correct in all of the cases. The air inside the home can also be more polluted than that outside due to several indoor air pollutants like mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. As a result of this, homeowners in NJ and business owners need to consider the new HVAC innovation which can help improve indoor air quality through its HVAC purifier and air filtration system.


What HVAC Air Purifier does:

It is no news that ordinary paper filters can not necessarily provide you with the level of purification desired, this is why many central HVAC systems help remove dust from the air, through the cleansing action of its central air purification systems installed in your ductwork. Through this mechanism, molds, bacteria, and other microorganisms are removed from your indoor air circulation by the HVAC system.


How you can benefit from an HVAC air purifier:

You might be thinking, is having an HVAC Air Purifier NJ worth it? If you have a youngster with some sort of allergies, asthma, and specific triggers, then considering having an HVAC Air Purifier NJ should be your priority because it will help to perform the following:

  • Trap allergens and pet dander that might trigger an attack
  • Block dust 
  • Remove volatile organic compounds from the air (especially dangerous ones)
  • Neutralize toxic gases
  • Trap microorganisms to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.
  • smoke from your fireplace or smoked tobacco products
  • Remove unpleasant odors from your kitchens, restrooms, and trash cans


When should you consider getting HVAC Air Purifier NJ?

You can consider getting an HVAC Air Purifier NJ if;

  • You want to protect yourself from allergens, and germs
  • You are concerned about COVID mitigation in your workplace and desire to protect your employees and customers.

Different types of HVAC air purifiers can help.

If you run a salon, print shop, dry cleaning shop, auto body repair shop and you wish to protect yourself and your employees from Volatile organic compounds, then having an HVAC air purifier is what you should opt for as soon as you can.

Blue Ray HVAC offers both residential and commercial HVAC installation in North NJ. It does not matter the kind of HVAC system you wish to opt for, Blue Ray has a team of professionals that are committed to excellence in delivery. Blue Ray HVAC is your trusted source of HVAC installation in North NJ.

For more information on HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ, contact Blue Ray HVAC at 973-925-5556.

Blue Ray HVAC – Your trusted source for HVAC Air Purification System in North NJ.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Drain Cleaning in North NJ

Are you looking for Drain Service in North NJ? Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed & Insured drain company that provides local Drain Service in North NJ with many years of experience and great customer care.

Drain Cleaning in North NJ

Before Hiring A Drain Cleaning Service Provider 

Do you know that regular drain cleaning is part of the maintenance protocols to be adopted for plumbing systems? However, this is not often observed by all owners. Some homeowners in North NJ often ignore these maintenance protocols and as a result, they get their water pipes obstructed which further escalates into long-standing clog issues and overall plumbing system blockage. Not only does blockage of the plumbing system precipitate bad odors, but it also can pose health risks if it lingers on for a long time. Different particles from debris, insolvable materials, and hair are often culprits responsible for plumbing system blockage.

There is a solution to plumbing system blockage and it hinges on finding a reliable Drain Cleaning in North NJ. Finding a reliable Drain Cleaning in North NJ might pose to be a herculean task, but all that is needed is the basic knowledge of the factors to be considered before choosing a suitable drain cleaning service provider.

References and reputation


It is important to seek the services of a company with a reliable reputation. You can find out about their reliability and customer care services. Beware of companies that sweet talk their customers and have little or no records to show for their services. One way of searching for the right drain cleaning service provider is by asking your friends, family, colleagues, and people about you concerning the reputation of your potential drain cleaning service provider.


Licensing and certification

It is important to consider the license and certification of that potential drain cleaning service provider before hiring them. Although different states have their policies as regards certification and licensing, which are often issued after passing the required exams; employing a licensed company gives you an edge. A licensed and certified drain cleaning service provider most likely employs only skilled plumbers that have the expertise in tackling multiple plumbing problems like unblocking clogged drains, tacking multiple jobs, etc. Licensing and certifications prove that the company is credible and trustworthy.


Services offered

The plumbing system is a key structure in the home and it greatly affects the functionality of all other parts of the home. Having blocked drains automatically affects other parts of the plumbing system. When hiring a drain cleaning service contractor, it is important to choose a reliable company that has the technical know-how in handling other plumbing jobs such as water filtration and sewer repair. It will greatly help to tackle reoccurring damages.


If you are looking for Drain Cleaning in North NJ then Blue Ray HVAC is a Licensed and Insured drain company that provides local Drain cleaning in North NJ which you can trust.

For more information on Drain Service in North NJ, contact Blue Ray HVAC at 973-925-5556.

Blue Ray HVAC – Your trusted source for Drain Service in North NJ.